I’ve helped businesses and nonprofit organizations gain valuable insight about their customers, clients, and constituents. My research enables clients to improve their organizations, services, and products. 

Strategic Plan

The Trust for Public Land

Developed a three-year strategic plan to guide the Oregon organization in its efforts to expand conservation programs, acquire land outside of the Portland metro area, increase the organization’s visibility throughout the state, and boost fundraising income.

“Kathy met the challenge of uniting staff, partners and volunteers around a focused agenda. She was loads of fun to work with too!”

Geoff Roach
Former Oregon Field Director

Community Needs Assessment

Community Action Team, Inc.

CAT receives federal and state dollars to serve low-income families in three Oregon counties. The assessment demonstrated that continued funding of its $13 million budget was critical to accomplishing its mission. I interviewed 36 community leaders and conducted four focus groups totaling 43 participants.

“Kathy was thorough and methodical in her approach to our Community Needs Assessment, a real pleasure to work with!”

Dan Brown
Executive Director

Comprehensive Plan

Grant County Commission on Children and Families

Coordinated an 18-month planning process with county departments and state agencies to produce a comprehensive plan. The Oregon Legislature adopted Senate Bill 555, which required state agencies to work in partnership with local communities to plan, coordinate, and provide services for Oregon’s children and families.

“Kathy embraced our comprehensive planning process with a great deal of determination, professionalism and humor, winning over even the most resistant participants. As a result of her efforts, our plan was accepted by the state Commission on the first submission.

Dana Brooks
Former Director

Opinion Research

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

DHM Research’s client wanted opinions from members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs about a proposed economic development project on Tribal land. I assisted DHM in focus group preparation and delivery and interviewed Tribal Council members. My report analyzed results from two focus group sessions and interviews with Tribal leaders.

“Kathy has been an excellent project manager. Whether it was interviewing community leaders, assisting in focus groups or analyzing and writing reports from the data collected, the tasks got done on time and within budget.”

Adam Davis
Founder & Senior Counsel, DHM Research

Customer Satisfaction Survey

BBT Architects

BBT Architects needed feedback about how its clients, contractors, and vendors perceived the value of its services. I contacted 53 individuals resulting in 43 completed phone interviews. The survey included general and specific questions, developed in consultation with BBT principals.

“Kathy’s interviews produced detailed results. Her professionalism and inquisitive nature, as well as her ability to conduct all interviews in a timely manner greatly contributed to the quality of the services she provided.”

Renee Alexander
Principal Architect